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10 Books Down

10 books down, 21 to go! In recognition of this milestone, I'm sharing my ranking of the books I've read so far, another reading project I'm working on this year (I know, I know), and news on what I plan to do with all these books now (this part may involve you!). 

First up, some stats.

Nothing terribly surprising in there. I find it hilarious that my accidental 1000+ page read is over a quarter of the pages I've read so far. And never fear, non-fiction lovers, there is plenty more of that coming in the remainder of the year. 

I hesitated on whether I wanted to share the next list. I am of the opinion that there is a book for every reader and a reader for every book. So why should I publicly release a rankings list when the rankings are a subjective opinion on which books worked for me at a very specific time in my life? Ultimately I trust that you all understand that my rankings don't mean much except to me, personally, but it's still interesting to see how things compare. So here it is, my ranking from favorite to least favorite, of the books I've read so far. I also included the Goodreads ratings for the top 5 (really 6, the last two tied) for comparison.

It's clear that my personal opinion is totally different than the mass of readers on Goodreads--and that's ok! Really! I like using Goodreads as a general barometer, but I know my own taste will sometimes make my rating vastly different than the average. 

Next up, because I have no self-control when it comes to reading challenges, I decided to tackle the Book Riot "Read Harder" challenge for 2017. I was really impressed by the variety of genres and subjects that the challenge requires. And don't worry--I fully intend to use as many of my own 31 Books Project titles to qualify for both challenges as I possibly can. Here's my list (I highlighted in yellow the titles that came from my 31 Books Project list; the checks, of course, indicate the ones I've finished so far). 

As you can see, there are still quite a few blanks. If you have suggestions for any of those lines, please let me know. You can download a copy and make your own list here. If this challenge doesn't appeal to you, Anne Bogel over at Modern Mrs Darcy has two great tracks for this year, too.

Finally, my "finished" pile is growing rapidly. Seriously, I'm out of shelf space (#librarianproblems). So I'm going to spread the love and disperse the books that I've read to friends and family, with the intention of sending each book to someone who is likely to enjoy it (regardless of how I felt about it--remember, a reader for every book). If you see your initials next to a title below, you've got a package coming your way! And don't worry if you aren't getting one this round--there are still 21 titles to go.

  1. Howl's Moving Castle - JK
  2. Beloved - KS
  3. Gender and the Politics of History - LN
  4. Homeland - MN
  5. The First Man in Rome - DJ
  6. A Thousand Acres - LMM
  7. Dreaming in Cuban - SD
  8. The Shipping News - JO
  9. In the Time of the Butterflies - NC
  10. Behind the Scenes at the Museum - JP

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1996 - The Cloister Walk

1996 - The Cloister Walk

1995 - Behind the Scenes at the Museum

1995 - Behind the Scenes at the Museum