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Tiny Tomes - Space

Tiny Tomes - Space

Outer space can be a tricky topic to put into context for a young child that doesn’t really understand time, much less the scale of space. Nonetheless, there are some fun books that can get the conversation going about where we are in the universe. Plus, the moon and stars are great subjects since they are easily visible. Below are our favorites from this week.

 A Long Way Away by Frank Viva. The story in this picture book is pretty sparse, but that’s because you can read it both forward and backward!

Journey to the Moon by Andy Mansfield. A gorgeous pop-up book. Both this book and A Long Way Away feature aliens as the protagonists. 

Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes. A kitten goes on an adventure to find that giant milk saucer in the sky. 

Zelda’s Big Adventure by Marie Alafaci. A chicken builds her own rocket ship for a space expedition.

Solar System  by Jill McDonald. A favorite in our house. Beautiful illustrations of the sun and all the planets (and—fear not—dwarf planet Pluto).

Countdown with Milo  by Mike Austin. A cute counting book for younger readers.


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Tiny Tomes - Rain & Rainbows

Tiny Tomes - Rain & Rainbows